Shadows over Tyr

quick background:

The city of Tyr is in chaos. I has been a month since the incident at Kalak’s ziggurat, when a band of slaves and a traitors killed the sorcerer king, and shattered the old order.

Not that the old order is much to miss. But, at least the streets were moderately safe. Now, nobody is sure where they belong.

House Rules

This is starting off as a straight D&D Dark Sun campaign. No Divine power source, and be careful what race you choose — the Character builder will allow you to choose some races that simply don’t exist on Athas.

I’m going to graft on an adaptation of the Aspect system from Fate. This is an experiment, and I’d like to see how it goes…

Otherwise, check out the full set of house rules

Dark Sun: Shadows over Tyr

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