Dark Sun: Shadows over Tyr

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Characters present: Theren, G’lar, Content Not Found: maleus

In which the party packs up and leaves the village of Kled

Having helped rid the village of it’s Banshees, the caravan is loaded with supplies for the return trip. The material for return is unfortunately a bit minimal: a stocking of dwarven-brewed ales, some linen bolts and a few miscellaneous artifacts from the dig.

As the party is preparing to leave, they are joined by a dwarf from the village who seemed … anxious … to put the city behind him.

The group notices a marked lack of northbound traffic on the caravan road, and little enough sign of southbound traffic. It almost seems as if the road is in danger of being overtaken by the desert.

When the party reaches Tyr, the guards are noticably more thorough in examining incoming caravans; inspecting the wagons and trade goods, and examining each of the caravan members before allowing them into the city-state. G’lar ends up speaking with one of the guards, and after a judicious bribe and registering where they will be staying (a hole in the wall called The Kank’s Bottom) the caravan is allowed through the gate.

(dead caravan factor)
(conversation with Theren’s old merchant house — will have to travel to Ianto’s main headquarters)
(enlistment in a strike-busting excerise)
(confrontation with striking farmers in the outskirts of Tyr)
(guard the sleeping farmers, end up fighting off a Belgoi attack)


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