Dark Sun: Shadows over Tyr

Banshee under Kled

= Kled
The players took on the responsibility of putting together a supply caravan and running it out to the Dwarven Village of Kled. Most of the party’s own funds, went towards the caravan, and a number of benefactors and debts were taken on to help fund the caravan’s voyage.

Two passengers were taken as well: A dwarven potter named Redgar, and Marcus Asticles.

The journey itself was uneventful. The small caravan made it into the village of kled with relatively little fuss, though Theren notes that the roads are disturbingly empty once past the fork at Fort Skonz.

Upon arriving at Kled, the supplies are greatfully received, though the Dwarves have little to pay in return for it. Some gold and much larger supply of rough linens are traded for the silk Theren brought with the caravan, and the water supplies may be restocked. The iron and tools, still to be shaped by the smiths in the village, are not so readily compesnated, however.

= Beneath the village
The village elder, the uhurumas tells the group that, normally, they’d try to trade some salvage from the mines beneath their city … but a rather delecate situation has come up. He is loathe to share it with outsiders, but due to the nature of the problem, his own warriors are unable to help. That is why he had sent for Marcus Asticles.

It seems one of the Dwarves died in the mines under Kled, and has risen to haunt his tomb as a Banshee. The party agrees to decend into the mines to help put the undead to rest; Marcus insists that he must accompany them.

When the group leaves the next day, they find a gang of Dwarves guarding the entrance to the mine. They feel that their elder has overstepped his bounds by sending the outsiders, and they will not allow the group into the mines. A potentially violent situation is diffused when Skamos negotiates an agreement wheren each of the companions will be searched when they reach the surface, to ensure that nothing has been stolen.

= The Banshee
After some twists and turns — and a couple of fights with some very large insects — the party stumbles out of the rough-hewn mineshafts and into … an enormous stone cavern. The ceiling is supported by pillars, some 25 feet high, and while the room itself is now filled with rubble, the room is still impressive.

There is little time for reflection, however, as the Banshee bursts forth, letting out a horrible wail. The fight is long and tough, however the group finally manages to defeat the banshee … for a few moments. It soon rises again, however. The horror of this spirit becomes apparent, as it seems to rise again and again.

Marcus Asticles moves to the middle of the room, and charges the group to keep the banshee busy. He begins chaning and drawing chalk outlines around the orb retreived from the brickyards in Tyr. After another grueling fight, the ritual is completed, and the Banshee does not rise again. Marcus throws a silk cloth over the orb and replaces it in his stachel.

It is time to leave this place….


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