Dark Sun: Shadows over Tyr


Okay, I’ve been really bad about keeping the campaign log up to date.

The quick summary:
The PCs have returned to Tyr, and begun trying to get a caravan to return to Kled. They found the factor of House Ianto, shut in a shabby excuse for an office in the Merchant’s district. He has revealed that the house has fallen on hard times since the death of Kalak, and is no longer able to mount a caravan on it’s own. The party will have to find investors to aid in the endeavor.

Meanwhile, the party has made contact with Marcus Asticles, and delivered the psionic crystal to him. After viewing it privately, he has asked the PCs to gather some items for him. After a particularly careless shopping trip in the Elven market, the party has earned the enmity of a Tyrian guard-templar. Injured and shaken, the PCs make it back to their Inn.

The Orb

in attendance: G’lar, Skamos, Robert Lach’s character, Bruek (names forgotten)

Marcus asks some of the characters, more able to conceal themselves, to head to an old safe-house in the Brickyards to retrieve an item concealed within. He believes that the safe-house should be abandoned, but to help navigate the city, he sends two of his associates along with the players.

The brickyards are eerily empty, considering the dense crowding of the Warrens, however the players find that the safe-house is not empty. Apparently, it was an old tavern, and several thugs have taken up residence … and they did not take kindly to interruption. Fight ensues.

After a long combat, where the survivors are sent running from the house, the characters perform a systematic search of the safe-house. After a couple of hours, the finally find the orb in a barrel of rancid ale — the other barrels were perfectly fine, and probably what the thugs were getting into.

Getting the money

G’lar, Theren, Bruek, Crani-Ack

Returning to Marcus, he announces that he will be traveling with the caravan to Kled, and that it would be better to leave sooner, considering recent events. The party agrees, and a group make their way to the Ianto factor in the merchant district.

The factor says that they can get the supplies and materials together for the caravan, but the group will need to help finance the caravan in order to make the trip, on the order of 500 Tyrian Sovereigns. Lacking investors, the party searches some of their contacts, looking for money.

The group queries Marcus, who suggests that he may be able to scrape together 100 Sovereigns for the trip from his own organization’s liquid assets. He also suggests that the players may be able to save some money on guards, providing they take on that role themselves.

Theren visits some contacts at the merchant house he usually works for, House Marinth. With the promise of a 20% return, and a personal favor to his contact alexus, Theren manages to secure a 200 Sovereign investment. He also promises to carry textile samples, with the understanding that further textile trade will go thought House Marinth.

Bruek makes his way to the craftsman’s district, where he meets with Barden, a local friend with connections in the dwarven community. He finds a Potter named Redgar who has made it his focus to deliver the messages gathered from within the dwarven enclave in Tyr to friends and family in Kled. Another 50 Sovereigns is contributed to help with the caravan.

G’lar and Crani-Ack decide to try their hand in the local pit-fighting ring. They wager some coin on themselves in a matched-pair combat, and clash with their arena opponents.

Unfortunately, the pit-fighting ring is broken up, shortly after G’lar is knocked unconscious. The crowd and the fighters scatter to the alleys, and G’lar wakes up to find himself hoisted in the fist of a half-giant. The templar in front of him speaks deliberately, and maddeningly vaguely, of a story he heard about a mismatched group bloodying the nose of a fellow templar, Octavian. Despite the maddeningly slow pace, it is obvious to G’lar that the templar is laying it on thick, and is filled with a particular mirth at the anger of the other templar.

G’lar is delivered to a jail for holding; meanwhile the rest of the group receives a mysterious messsage, identifying where their friend is being held. G’lar is held, unaccountably on his own, with a light guard in a jail near the brickyards, and with some effort the rest of the group manages to break him from his cell. It is now time to leave the city


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