Dark Sun: Shadows over Tyr

Leaving Kled

After saving the village of Kled from near-certain dehydration, the party is determined to head back to Tyr. Content Not Found: Rikkon, seeing someone he belives he recognizes, vanishes into the village, telling the others he will return to Tyr in his own time.

The Uhrumas of the villages asks the party to find out what happened to the supply caravans that were supposed to have come to the village three weeks ago. The caravans were sent from a smaller merchant house in Tyr, House Ianto. Theren has rough familiarity with this group.

While the party is sitting in the rest-house with Caleum, a traveler approaches the group, and after some hesitant questioning, decides to join them on the road. He is (robert’s secondary character).

Before leaving the village the next day, another dwarf approaches them at the gates. He thanks them for their service in protecting the village, and asks them for a favor. A small crystal is shown to the group, then wrapped in a protective cloth. He asks that the crystal be delivered to Cladius Asticles.

The group leaves the village and begins the trek south to the Great Road. They suffer a few animal encounters along the way, and an apparent slaver ambush, but manage to make it to Fort Skonz in three day’s time. Here, they rest.


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