Dark Sun: Shadows over Tyr

Story so far

A band of companions received a commission from House Shom to investigate the location of a mysterious ruin in the depths of the desert east of Tyr. Having stocked up on gear, they made their way through the wastes, working on little but a clue buried in an old song.

Unfortunately for them, they found it; a cavern hidden behind an unmoving sandstorm. … and here, they found that the were not the first group that House Shom has sent to find these ruins, as they aided the survivors of a previous expedition.

They made their way into the cavern, but found themselves stymied by undead, traps and a generally hostile environment. Deciding that the going was too tough, they made their way back to the surface, only to encounter a forward raiding party from the Black Sand raiders. After a vicious fight to escape, they fled through the desert, leaving the contents of the cavern to the raiders.

Without sufficient supplies, they made their way southwest, towards the Road of Kings, where Content Not Found: dustclad knew of an oasis near the village of Kled.

Upon arrival, they found the oasis poisoned, and fiercely guarded by a half-mad Mekillot. Moving on, the party saves a group of children from Kled, and they are brought into the village. After some much needed rest, they agree to investigate the poisoned well.

They find that the well turned up poisoned a few days after a group of Urikite soldiers passed through the village, “requisitioning” supplies before moving on. They also determined that the village was busy digging up … something … within the ruins surrounding the city. The dwarves would not say what.

After returning to the oasis and investigating, the party found some discarded leather pouches, containing a herb found near the Ringing Mountains; G’lar recognized it as a posion to which elves bear a natural immunity.

Following tracks from the Oasis, the players eventually come upon a pair of elves, whom they rescue from a band of gith, though not before one of them is shot by the players. The elves, Content Not Found: faan_ and _Content Not Found: janiah, lead the PCs through a ravine, towards their home encampment. On the way, they are separated during an encounter with an id fiend. Eventually, the players come to the encampment and parlay themselves to an audience with the elven chieftain.

The chieftain will hear no conversation, however, and has the bound party thrown into a pit for the night. Disarmed and manacled, the party is set upon by a group of elves, whom they manage to overcome … needing no weapons appears to come in handy in situations like this.

Making their way through the ancient citadel, they come upon a similarly imprisoned thri-kreen … speaking no common, they eventually determine that the ’kreen is the druid of the oasis, but he will not leave until granted an audience with the chieftan. The party returns to the main tower and subdues the elven leader, bringing him to the druid … who proceeds to eat the elf, with apparent enjoyment.

The group makes their escape over the wall, and makes their way back to the Oasis. The druid begins performing a cleansing ritual, and the party heads back to Kled.

The question is, where to from here?


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